Payment of subscription of renewals falls due on 1st July each year. If you are applying for membership during the year, this is calculated according to your date of joining.

It is obligatory that Full Members hold insurance cover. We will need to be satisfied that your existing insurance cover is acceptable to us therefore we will need to get a copy of your current insurance every year you apply for membership.

Please assist our administration by notifying all changes in writing (e-mail, letter) i.e. changes of address, changes in membership status and request for upgrades.

Certificates of membership will be sent to all Full Members. It will be valid only with the renewable membership card sent to members every year upon receipt of membership fee.
We hope that you are enthused by what we have to offer and look forward to welcoming you as a member of the CSRI in the near future.


Practitioner Members
Any individual who has satisfactorily completed training in and holding a valid certificate in Reflexology and successfully completed their Postgraduate Course, exam and case studies at the CSRI Academy of Excellence. They may use the letters MCSRI after their names.

Associate Members
Those individuals – Osteopaths, Cranio-Sacral Therapists and Midwives – who do not hold a valid certificate in Reflexology but have completed the Post-Graduate CSR Diploma satisfactorily. The wording ‘Incorporate the Concept of Cranio-Sacral Reflexology within their main therapy’ appears on their diploma and on the website there will be an indication of their main therapy.

Student Members
Those individuals who are currently taking the Faure-Alderson Total Reflexology Course. Such training should be completed within 2 years, although Council shall have the discretion to extend this period on a case-by-case basis. Student Membership fee for 1st Foundation Year Students is set at £25. Students taking the 2nd Year Faure-Alderson Total Reflexology course only, will have a reduced fee of £15.

• That you have qualified from the Post-Graduate training course of The Cranio-Sacral Reflexology International Academy of Excellence.

• That you maintain Professional Indemnity Malpractice and Public Liability Insurance at all times to a level that satisfies the CSRI’s criteria.

• That you engage in appropriate postgraduate studies as follows:

• 2 days of CPD every 2 years. This could be either 2 one-day courses or 1 two-day course.

A two-day Graduate Refresher Course every 5 years.
This is to keep abreast of new knowledge and or developments and skill acquisition.

• That you pay the annual membership fee on 1st July each year.

• That you undertake to abide by the Code of Practice and Code of Conduct.

• That you conduct yourself in a manner befitting a professional Health Care Practitioner, and do not bring the profession into disrepute.

• That you do not attempt to treat conditions beyond your level of skill and are willing to refer patients either to more experienced colleagues or to another alternative practitioner as the patents/clients needs dictate.


• The Directors pledge to preserve the integrity of the life work of Martine Faure-Alderson to promote the concept of Cranio-Sacral Reflexology internationally.

• To preserve health by advancing the knowledge, practice of and expertise in cranio-sacral reflexology by education, teaching and training and other lawful means.

• To establish and maintain a program of the highest standards of professional education designed to improve the practice of cranio-sacral reflexology by making available and disseminating as widely as possible all available information relating to the practice of cranio-sacral reflexology.

• To establish ethical and professional standards for the practice of cranio-sacral reflexology for the benefit of the general public and the members of the profession.

• To establish and maintain a program to inform the general public of the benefit of cranio-sacral reflexology and of the requirements for ethical and professional practice.

• To maintain a register of practicing professional members whose services are available to the public and other professional organisations. The existence of this register to be made known through enouncements and advertisements and for it to be available on request.

• To maintain a list of trainings available for members

• To provide members with current news of events of CSRI

• To encourage scientific research applicable to cranio-sacral reflexology and its practice.

The aim of this Code of Practice is to set out the basic standards which the Cranio-Sacral Reflexology International Academy of Excellence expects its members to maintain. The Code of Practice lays down the minimum standards necessary for members of the Academy.

A practicing member must ensure that her/his professional practice is fully covered by professional indemnity, professional malpractice and public liability insurance.

Client Register
A card index or other suitable means should be set up to register clients’ name, addresses and other relevant information, including dates of attendance.
Good records should be maintained and should be kept for a period of time specified periodically by the CSRI so that continuity of client care is possible and case history information can be made available to another reflexologist taking over or assisting in the care of that client. It is important that the client signs the record card at the initial consultation as being a true account of his/her present medical condition. CSRI Medical Forms should be used by both Student and Full Members. These will soon be available to use in case studies and practices respectively.
For case studies appearing on the CSRI’s ‘Members Only’ website, members need a separate documentation with the clients’ permission and signature sent to the office of CSRI. (This is to be found in the case study package you are provided by your teacher.)


It is the responsibility of the practicing member to observe any byelaws with regard to the therapy undertaken.
Members must be wary of giving advice on any bodily ailments, diet etc, and are expected not to presume specialist knowledge outside the limitations of their own specialised knowledge.
It is the responsibility of a practicing member to bear in mind her/his own standard of training and level of knowledge, as well as any insurance limitations when deciding on the treatment used for each individual client.

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